Welcome to the Buzdor Institue for Applied Philosophy!

Courses of Study:
  • Philosophy of Theology
  • Theology of Philosophy
  • World Conquest
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Theology of Politics
  • Politics of Theology
  • Undecided
  • N. Buzdor - M.A., B.Ed.
  • Roy Buzdor - M.S., B.S.
We have four campuses for your convenience, and classes of many types.
Lecture Campus Forum.Buzdor.Com Campus
Forum.HRWiki.Com Campus Cambrey Campus
  • Computer Science 101-001: Introduction to Computers
  • Math 191-001: Mathematics Seminar
  Off-Campus For-Credit Experiences and Correspondence Courses:
  • Theology 101-001: Your Sunday morning church service
  • Math 050-001: Your Math Homework
  • Computer Science 150-001: Your Programming Project
And we're considering expanding our campus to your area!

The Fighting Possums compete when not Playing Possum.

Our School Colors are Teal and Silver. These represent the richness of thought and the wisdom of age.

In campus News:
We're proud of sponsoring the stunning October 28, 2004 lunar eclipse! We consider the event a complete success, entering totality just as we planned. To the right, you can see a composite animation of pictures taken on Cambrey campus. At the same time, the campus Observatory telescope allowed staff and visitors to look at the eclipse in even more detail than we could photograph with existing equipment. Thanks to those that took part in the event, and who participated in the observation. Please try to make it back again for the next sponsored heavenly event!
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